stepping away from social media

Some thoughts on stepping off the grid & away from social media

Two days ago I decided to re-evaluate my relationship with social media.

I have, in the past, closed all my social media accounts. I deleted my Twitter account (1500 followers) and regretted it. I deleted my Facebook account reasoning that people who were friends would still be able to contact me. The reasons were manifold, but that’s for a separate post.

I recently read a book called “Make Time” by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky who described the various platforms as “infinity pools”, into which one disappears for hours of mini dopamine hits (I paraphrase). This morning I was so eager to check my Linkedin message that I delayed engaging with my son. The message was not important. The moment with my son was, and I let it slip.

So, I’ve decided to disconnect and evaluate my relationship with social media. I have really struggled to make work over the past few years, and I do have a low key, private blog for playing around with ideas and concepts, but for now I’m keeping it under wraps. I think sometimes, we (all creative people) become enraptured with the shiny new platforms for sharing work, and in my case I need to focus on the basics, making work with heart and imagination.


The Leader of the Luddites- from wikimedia commons